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  Item Description Quantity Mfg Part # Price
CANDY M&M PEANUT 1.74OZ 90505 CANDY M&M PEANUT 1.74OZ In Stock 10006 Login For Price
CANDY M&M PEANUT 3.27OZ 90901 CANDY M&M PEANUT 3.27OZ In Stock 10015 Login For Price
CANDY REESES PB CUP 1.6OZ 93537 CANDY REESES PB CUP 1.6OZ In Stock 44000 Login For Price
CANDY SNICKERS 1.86 OZ 93595 CANDY SNICKERS 1.86 OZ In Stock 114454 Login For Price
CANDY MILKY WAY 1.84OZ 93599 CANDY MILKY WAY 1.84OZ In Stock 114455 Login For Price
MPL BRWN SGR POPCRN5.5OZ 6016869 MPL BRWN SGR POPCRN5.5OZ Special Order 300614 Login For Price
CNDY CORN  POPCORN 5.5OZ 6029409 CNDY CORN POPCORN 5.5OZ Special Order 350136 Login For Price
KEEBLER CHEESE&PB 1.8OZ 9014150 KEEBLER CHEESE&PB 1.8OZ In Stock 21164 Login For Price
KEEBLER CHEESE&CHEDR1.8O 9014168 KEEBLER CHEESE&CHEDR1.8O In Stock 21146 Login For Price
CHEEZE-IT DBL CHS2.2OZ 9018361 CHEEZE-IT DBL CHS2.2OZ Special Order 024100114238 Login For Price
SNACK CHEDDR PRETZL1.8OZ 9027269 SNACK CHEDDR PRETZL1.8OZ In Stock 108568 Login For Price
CLOSEOUT BEEF JERKY ORIGINAL 9027293 BEEF JERKY ORIGINAL Discontinued 10000008418 Login For Price
PRETZELS SOUTHWEST 16OZ 9040776 PRETZELS SOUTHWEST 16OZ Special Order 5014 Login For Price
LICORICE RD/WHT/BLU 15OZ 9061588 LICORICE RD/WHT/BLU 15OZ Special Order 121395 Login For Price
KARS PB/DRK CHOC MIX 2OZ 9064004 KARS PB/DRK CHOC MIX 2OZ In Stock 8234 Login For Price